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The Community Solutions Portal is Canada’s digital hub on smart cities and a space for collaboration for communities of all sizes. On the Community Solutions Portal you can access resources, connect with other leaders and see practical examples of smart cities approaches that can help your community thrive.

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Over 200 resources to help you get started on your smart city journey. Find case studies, toolkits, guidelines, webinars, podcasts, and more! Here are some examples of the resources available on the CSN Portal.

Case studies

Four Community Solutions Advisory Service Case Studies that highlight the replicability of the open smart city approach and the solutions offered to communities through the Community Solutions Advisory Service led by Evergreen's lead technical partner, Open North.

  1. Breaking Out of Silos to Solve Wicked Problems
  2. A Neutral Market Assessment to Fight Energy Poverty
  3. Procurement Strategies for Citizen Engagement
  4. Municipal Mobilization for Open Procurement
  5. Nourishing Smart City Solutions: Data Collaboration and Food Policy
  6. Shared mobility in Canada: Considerations for open smart cities


As part of the Advisory Services, a series of guidelines related to the four Open Smart Cities domains - Data, Governance, Hardware & Software, People & Engagement - are provided to Canadian communities. Each guideline is part of a course delivered to communities participating in the One-to-One Advisory Services.

Guidelines are actionable documents designed to: 1) facilitate the application of knowledge acquired via the One-to-One Advisory Services training module, 2) empower communities to take a leadership role in the implementation of open smart city initiatives, and ultimately 3)Implement concrete actions that will result in direct benefits to their administration and community.

  1. Guideline: Open Standards for Data
  2. Guideline: Open Procurement


  1. From consultation to co-creation in the open smart city
  2. Advancing Community Resilience through Smart Approaches: A Resource for Canadian Communities