What is Data Governance (D201)

Author: Open North

What is Data Governance (D201) is an advanced learning module that builds on the introductory courses Fundamentals of Data for Open Smart Cities (D100) and Fundamentals of Governance in Open Smart Cities (G100). This course consists of three modules that will provide participants with an in-depth study of the current definitions of data governance, its growing importance (particularly from an Open Smart Community perspective), and a set of case studies outlining key components in good data governance approaches. This course provides the basis for Developing Data Governance (D202), a subsequent learning module that presents methods for developing a data governance framework.
  • Module 1: Defining Data Governance
  • Module 2: Why Develop a Data Governance Framework?
  • Module 3: Data Governance Examples
  • Post-course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed