Assessing Smart City Infrastructure for Privacy and Security (G201)

Author: Dmitri Vitaliev (eQualit)
Review: Pierre-Antoine Ferron (Open North), Linda Agaby (Fasken)

An Open Smart City approach can improve your municipality's efficiency, decision-making and resource allocation. It also increases the need to properly assess risks to data privacy and system integrity in all aspects of your project design, to reduce vulnerabilities, leverage existing capacities and ensure citizen data is safe.

Comprised of three modules, Assessing smart city infrastructure for privacy and security (G201) is the Community Solutions Network One-to-One Advisory Service advanced course on how to assess data privacy and system integrity needs in an open, smart context.

Once you have finished G201, you should have an increased understanding of:

1. Citizen Data and Privacy Protection
Invitation: What does data privacy and security mean in the context of an Open Smart City?

2. Plan your Open Smart City data infrastructure using recommended privacy and security practices
Investigation: What are the decision-making implications of data privacy and security?

3. Conduct a data privacy and security risk assessment
Activation: The fundamental components of a Data Privacy and Security Assessment
  • Course Introduction
  • Module 1: Defining Citizen Data and Privacy Protection
  • Module 2: Learning About Data Infrastructure
  • Module 3: The Components of a Data Privacy and Security Assessment
  • Module 4: Privacy Impact Assessments: A tool in the privacy toolbox
  • Course Summary
  • Post-course Survey
  • Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever