Protecting Resident Data And Privacy (G101)

Author: Nasma Ahmed
Review: Ana Brandusescu

Consisting of five modules, Protecting Resident Data and Privacy (G101) is a basic course exploring the existing concerns and potential pathways to protect resident data and privacy within a smart city context.

In this course we will increase our understanding of the current terminology, potential practices and existing initiatives regarding privacy taking place in our communities.

Once you have finished Protecting Resident Data and Privacy, you should have an increased awareness and understanding of:

1. Basic concepts around data governance and digital privacy
Introduction: Why does protecting resident data matter?

2. Existing challenges that communities face regarding privacy
Exploration: What are different facets of digital privacy in smart cities?

3. How to apply a critical lens to potential data governance options
Reflection: What are the pros and cons of mass data collection?

4. Potential policy pathways to protecting resident data
Leadership: How can you minimize privacy risks for residents in your city?
  • Course Introduction
  • Module 1: The Importance of Protecting Resident Data
  • Module 2: Digital Privacy
  • Module 3: Data Collection
  • Module 4: Minimizing Risk and Putting Residents First
  • Course Summary
  • Quiz
  • Post-course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever