Fundamentals of Governance in Open Smart Cities (G100)

Author: Michael Houle (Open North)
Review: CIPPIC

Welcome to Fundamentals of Governance in Open Smart Cities (G100), the introductory governance course of the Community Solutions Network One-to-One Advisory Service. Comprised of three modules, G100 explores how an open smart city approach to governance can help tackle the increasingly complex urban challenges of the 21st century and enhance citizen well-being.

Once you have finished Fundamentals of Governance in Open Smart Cities (G100), you should have increased your awareness and understanding of:

1. What governance means (5-10 minutes)
Invitation - What is governance? What current governance challenges are municipalities facing today?

2. The potential of data and ICT in municipal governance (5-10 minutes)
Investigation - How do data and ICT-supported governance approaches help address "wicked" challenges and enhance citizen well-being?

3. Working with governance in an open smart city context (15-20 minutes)
Activation - How are communities applying open smart city principles in their governance practices?
  • Course Introduction
  • Module 1: Governance: Our current context
  • Module 2: Governance and Wicked Challenges
  • Module 3: Governance in Open Smart City
  • Course Summary
  • Quiz
  • Post-course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever